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What to Expect When Leveling a House

For many, having their home’s foundation repaired seems incredibly overwhelming. Many tend to ignore the problems with their foundation which can lead to more and more problems. Leveling your home can help stabilize your home and keep your house safe. To make the process easier, it helps to know what to expect and what goes into the process.

 What is House Leveling?

House leveling is a process that is intended to restore the home to its original state by lifting the home. It typically involves working on and repairing the foundation of the house. House leveling can let you address other foundational problems that may be happening to your home. With each problem that creates the need for house leveling, there is a different method to achieve the leveling.

Reasons to Level Your House

A few problems that you might be facing as signs you need level your home include anything that can cause uneven, sagging floors and a sinking house. Common causes of sinking uneven floors are intrusive tree roots, exterior pipes that drain poorly, leaks from plumbing underneath the slab, issues with the soil condition, structural damage, and foundation erosion. It’s extremely important to get these problems solved before leveling your house.

Foundation damage can occur all types of foundations from slab to pier and beam to homes that have full basements. A home’s foundation can experience settling or heaving that can result in cracking or shifting. Getting your home leveled could be the solution if true foundation repair is not required. The reality is that soil types can vary from region to region, and require expert local knowledge of the situation. If you live in Oklahoma, for example, get in touch with a foundation repair company in Tulsa.

House Leveling Methods: The Process

There are quite a few methods available to those who want to level their home. The factors that determine the method used are the other underlying problems and the type of foundation in your house. Fixing a pier and beam foundation differs from others, for example. Here are a few processes that a foundation solutions company can utilize.

  • For homes with a crawl space, house leveling methods include using a chemical mixture to stabilize the soil that’s underneath the home, curing sagging floors and support damaged support spots by using braces and rods, and fortifying the existing piers by installing pilings underneath them.
  • Pier and beam foundations go through similar methods of leveling. The methods used for pier and beam foundations include using steel I-beams to stabilize any damaged beams, leveling the joist and girders beneath the home with special equipment, installing new pier and beams with sturdier materials for the base, and many other methods.
  • Houses with slab foundations go through slightly different methods to level homes. Problems with slab foundation are usually due to issues with the soil. In the climate of Texas, the soil goes through periods of extreme dryness and extreme moisture. The expanding and contracting of the soil can cause the slab to shift and cause cracks. To level your home, they’ll put in a variety of piers to stabilize it.

What Company Should You Choose

When you’re looking for a Houston company to level your home, you want a company that’ll be upfront with you about the problems and what it’ll cost. The cost of house leveling is completely determined by how badly your foundation has been damaged and if there are any other problems beneath your home. For a reliable foundation repair company in Houston Texas, A Best Foundation Repair is there to help you with their 20 years of expertise.