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install-stucco-houston-texasWhether you are considering installing stucco on your home or business, or purchasing a property where it already exists, you will need to take care of your walls in order to make sure they last. The good news is, stucco is relatively easy to manage. Every year inspect your stucco to see if you find issues that could affect its integrity. By doing this often, you can extend its lifespan, as well as resolve issues before they become major repairs.


Stucco Maintenance Tips in Houston

Weep Holes: Because moisture is a known potential issue with stucco siding, weep holes should be installed to allow for air circulation and moisture drainage behind your wall. If they are already in place, you will be able to find them under a window or at the bottom of your wall right above your foundation. If not, you should get them retroactively put in.

Once you locate your weep holes, be sure to check them regularly to see if there is any debris in them that could plug them up. If they are plugged, you can easily clean them out with a pin or wire brush so they can vent. While weep holes are crucial for ventilation they can also be a source for pests to enter your house if not installed properly. Check regularly for pests as well.

Stains: Over years of exposure to the elements, your stucco siding can become stained.   Most stains are a result of mildew or mold, but can also be caused by leaks in your roof that are spilling onto your walls. Luckily, most stucco stains can be cleaned off with a mild soap and a little scrubbing. For more stubborn stains though, a mixture of mild bleach will remove the discoloration. Stains may not pose a problem in terms of damage, but they affect curb appeal in a big way. For instance, you can often fetch a slightly higher selling price or rental rate for your property when it looks new, according to this vacation rental cleaning service.

Painting vs. Refinishing: We are just kidding, there is no comparison between the two. Don’t paint your stucco. Paint on your stucco will close off its natural ability to regulate itself. Under your stucco next to your frame is a membrane that prevents moisture from entering your home. Because of this, moisture under the surface and in the wall is forced out externally. Paint seals the pores that stucco vents water through, trapping it inside. This leads to your paint to quickly bubble or flake off, meaning your low maintenance wall is now high maintenance. A similar analogy for understanding updates is with your driveway. You wouldn’t paint it, but instead refinish it using a method similar to what Nashville Sealcoating recommends.

If you want to change the color of your property though, instead of painting, consider having your stucco resurfaced. Resurfacing it will allow for new pigments to be added, and as an additional bonus, it will open up an opportunity for you to address cracks and other issues that might have shown up over time.

stucco-repair-contractor-in-houstonCracks and Holes: Let’s be honest, those cracks aren’t going away on their own. While it takes years for them to develop, they only move in one direction – larger. Even small holes potentially allow water in under the surface of your stucco where it can cause mold or mildew problems. The good news is, cracks are pretty easy to fill. Moreover, there are several advanced DIY products on the market that can help. This spraylock adhesive uses the world’s most advanced and earth-friendly adhesive technology for floor and wall applications. So, if you find any on your stucco walls, you should get them repaired. One cause for cracks might be a settling foundation. These are nearly impossible to fix on your own. If you suspect you have foundation repair issues at the root cause, let us come and conduct a free inspection.

Need Professional Stucco Help in Houston?

If you would like a consultation about an existing stucco wall, or a potential one, A-Best Foundation would love to hear from you. We have years’ experience repairing, installing, and refinishing stucco surfaces of all types. And, if you want to use our services, all of our work is covered by a warranty. Call us today!