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It can be daunting to think of your home needs to be leveled but, rest assured, it sounds a lot more so than it actually is – especially for our team of foundation experts who have seen (and repaired) it all. The process is fairly straightforward for our trained experts, who will work with you to both assess and repair any damage to your home. We offer foundation repair in Houston TX (along with other surrounding areas).

Don’t Fear The House Leveling Cost in Houston…

While many associate their Houston home’s foundation issues, house leveling or repairs with insurmountable costs that don’t necessarily have to be the case. If these issues persist, however, the damage can and will continue to pile up and may end up costing a homeowner much more in the long term. Being proactive in repairing these issues can prevent repairs that may become costly or may even lead to additional issues.

…Fear What Happens If You Ignore Issues

cost-of-house-leveling-houston-txWhen a home’s foundation begins to fail, regardless of the reasons behind why it fails, it’s essential to assess and repair the damage as quickly as possible. As a foundation fails, a home generally begins to significantly sag or sink into the ground. Both interior and exterior home damage usually results from this issue – and repairs can end up being more serious, if ignored or if issues are allowed to go on too long.

How To Level a House Foundation in Houston?

The two most common methods of leveling a home’s foundation involve pier and beam foundations and slab foundations, two different types of foundations that require repairs specific to the type of foundation. Typically, homes with pier and beam foundations are easier to repair because they’re easier to access via a crawl space. Experts will check out your home to see the most effective method of repair, but most find that there are typical types of repairs, depending on the foundation design. 

For Pier and Beam Foundation Problems: the process of leveling commonly includes:

  • Installation of new piers, coupled with a new base and/or supports
  • Leveling the support system (specifically, girders and joists) beneath a home with a jack
  • Retrofitting damaged beams with replacements
  • Reshimming
  • Replacing lumber deterioration of any damaged/rotten components with fresh wood

For slab foundations, the process of leveling commonly includes:

  • Mudjacking (common for sidewalks, driveways, or unattached garage foundations.)
  • Pier repair and replacement (specific types include: helical, drilled bell, concrete, resistance/steel push, pressed pilings, etc.)

What is the House Leveling Cost in Houston?

There are some general clues or signs that your home may need to be leveled. These aren’t the only symptoms of problems; however, they are some of the most common. 

To help determine if your home needs leveling, check for warning signs, such as:

  •         Cracks in walls (interior or exterior), chimneys, in corners or near windows and doors
  •         Doors sticking or not fitting properly within frame
  •         Gaps between floors, ceilings, interior walls
  •         Home seems to be sinking or sagging into the ground
  •         Bowing, uneven or sagging floors
  •         Softer, bouncier floors
  •         Home appears uneven or unleveled when viewing from the exterior

These issues are red flags when it comes to a home indicating that foundation repair is necessary. Don’t ignore what your home is signaling to you – instead, repair it sooner than later. (More on leveling here.)

wall-cracks-fixed-houston,txIf you notice any of the aforementioned warning signs, contact us for an expert assessment immediately: your home’s structure isn’t going to improve if ignored – it will simply worsen. Call A-Best today to schedule a FREE inspection. 713-714-5656

Houston House Leveling FAQ’s:

What does leveling a house mean?
House leveling is when you identify low areas of your home’s foundation, and restore it to the original “level” status. Often, piers are used to jack or raise the low areas of the foundation to restore it.
How to level a home
The approach to leveling your home will depend upon its construction. If your home is on a concrete slab, we will first identify low places that need support. We will excavate on the exterior, and install piers to “raise” the low areas back to level.
Average cost to level a home in Houston
The average cost to level a home in Houston varies based upon the square footage, and low points. The range to level a home is $2,900 to $9,200, but the average cost to level a house is roughly $3,000. This will vary, and an estimate is required before receiving a quote.