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Every house needs to be built on top of a solid foundation. The entire weight of the house is spread out evenly on this concrete pad, also called a slab foundation. 

The ground underneath the foundation can start to settle and shift over time. The foundation will begin to sag if a large enough void or gap forms underneath it. We usually see evidence of our house sagging and settling as the foundation movements create stress. These find their way into “signs” we’ll discuss below.

It’s hard to notice these slight differences when we live in the house every day. We must keep our eye out for any problems with the foundation around our home. Foundation repairs and house leveling in San Antonio can get expensive and dangerous if not taken care of immediately. 

A-Best Foundation Repair in San Antonio is here for all your house leveling needs. Call today for a professional foundation inspection. There are a few things that homeowners can look out for that may be signs of a foundation problem. 

Five Signs That You Need House Leveling in San Antonio 

The following are five signs you need house leveling in San Antonio, Texas. So what are the signs you need house leveling? 

  1. Cracks on your ceiling and interior walls are a good sign of foundation problems. We can only assume our foundation is shifting if our walls and ceilings are cracking. A-Best Foundation Repair can perform an inspection to let you know if you require professional house leveling in San Antonio.
  2. Cracking on our exterior walls is a symptom of foundation damage. These cracks will be especially noticeable in any mortar joints on bricks and stone work.
  3. Faulty and sticking doors are inconspicuous signs that our house is beginning to sag. When the foundation droops, so do the walls. We will notice our doors not opening and closing right when this begins to happen. It’s a good sign that we need help with house leveling in San Antonio if most of our doors get stuck shut.
  4. Sagging floors is an obvious sign that our foundation is damaged. We can search for hollow sounds to find gaps in our flooring by tapping with a hard object. We must call A-Best Foundation Repair Company when we notice our floor separating from the foundation.
  5. Noticing our house is uneven when we are standing at a distance is the perfect reason to call professionals for house leveling in San Antonio, Texas.

We usually start panicking when we first notice our house leaning to one side. Even the thought of foundation repair and house leveling makes dollar signs come to mind. Luckily,  house leveling in San Antonio, Texas, can be affordable if you call the right people. 

The professionals at A-Best Foundation Repair in San Antonio can deal with any sagging, chipping, and cracking foundation. Call today and have a general contractor at your house for quality foundation repair services that you can trust.

What is Involved in House Leveling in San Antonio?

There are procedures involved in house leveling in San Antonio based on the type of foundation. There are two types of foundations a home can have. The following are the foundation styles buildings can have and what’s involved in the house leveling processes.

  • Concrete slab foundation leveling – House leveling in San Antonio for concrete slab foundations begins by digging up the entire exterior perimeter of the foundation. This area is much deeper before the concrete gets poured. It helps support the weight of the house. 

Now, concrete piers, concrete pilings, or steel pilings get placed underneath any problematic areas. Post-tension rods and rebar is put into place to help enforce the foundation from underneath. 

  • Pier and beam foundation leveling – A pier and beam foundation is multiple pads of concrete poured inside a concrete perimeter. Finding the concrete perimeter beam on a pier and beam foundation is imperative in any foundation repair service. This foundation style is on custom homes or houses built off the ground.

Installing concrete and steel pilings in two specific areas on this beam best describes pier and beam foundation and house leveling in San Antonio. A-best Foundation Repair can bring a foundation back to level by supporting the sagging areas and shimming the low spots.

  • Alternative Block and Base – The block and base alternative foundation is a small block wall built around the home. Only very lightweight buildings will have a block and base alternative foundation because there is no concrete pad. These homes will also not have any brick, stucco, or stone because for this reason. 

How Long Does House Leveling in San Antonio Take?

If you’re just looking for periodic maintenance, we can help you out in a single day. A-Best foundation repair has been house leveling in San Antonio for a long time and we have a solid system in place no matter what foundation you have.

Foundation repairs and house leveling in San Antonio usually take no more than a week to complete the process. In more extensive foundation repair problems, especially when crawl spaces are involved, house Leveling in San Antonio can take two to three weeks. 

Call us for all your foundation repair and house leveling concerns in San Antonio. With A-Best Foundation Repair, you not only save time by getting the best service possible, but you also save money.

Top Companies for House Leveling in San Antonio 

A-Best Foundation Repair is the top company for house leveling in San Antonio, Texas. Our service specialist can repair all foundation problems and have extensive knowledge in house leveling in San Antonio, Texas. We can even offer advice on drainage and landscaping to ensure that you don’t have any more of the same foundation problems in the future.

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