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Foundation Repair Houston

A-Best is one of the premiere foundation repair companies in Houston, Texas. With an experienced professional team of experts, we can fix slab problems with our integrated pier repair systems, perform house leveling, and also lift your Houston home.

Our team of certified structural technicians will come to your home to perform a free foundation repair inspection. We will carefully assess and diagnose the problems affecting your property. You’ll be given a written estimate before any work commences, and there is absolutely no obligation to use A-Best for your Houston foundation repair. Although, our affordable repair costs may cause you to choose our company, even as you learn about our incredible warranty that provides peace of mind of years to come.

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Everyone knows that a building is only as solid as the foundation it is built upon. When cracks, shifts, or other foundation problems are discovered, it is essential that repairs be performed as soon as possible. With decades of experience in fixing foundation problems in Houston, A-Best is the company to trust.

Not all issues will result in costly expenses. Much of this will be determined by the home or property type in question. The good news is that some homes in Houston can be fixed using simple, effective treatments like cosmetic crack treatments and tree root blocking systems. But when homeowners notice that cracks start appearing in walls, floors become uneven or doors stick in their frames, it may be time for foundation repair that address the slab by installing an interlocking pier system that lifts the home back to the proper elevation. Houston area residents can rely on A-Best to make an accurate and detailed assessment of the problem and then apply the very latest in modern techniques to restore a structure’s integrity. If your property has grading issues, it’s common that house leveling be applied to help. In other cases, we recommend that house lifting be considered in your Houston home is not a slab construction type.

Not All Houston Foundation Problems Are the Same

Many foundation problems are caused by the subsurface clay underneath the home that expands and contracts with the changing of the seasons. For concrete slab homes, the foundation repair cost will be determined at the time of inspection as this will be calculated by the number of piers that need to be installed. How are these leveling problems caused? In the summer, the clay can dry out and cause cracking and shifting on the soil surface. This is due to moisture levels changing, or contracting.  Other compounding factors include improperly installed or maintained drainage systems that don’t move moisture away from the foundation. As the ground further settles in, the change in elevation can cause your Houston home to develop cracks in the foundation. In other cases, expanding tree roots can cause damage to drainage and sewer systems as well as pull moisture from the ground beneath your home, resulting in the foundation to shift and slide. When it comes to identifying and resolving the issues at work, A-Best is the Houston foundation repair company that home and business owners rely on year after year.

FREE Foundation Repair Inspection in Houston

A-Best has been serving Houston homeowners, property managers, and Realtors for more than 17 years. Our company has maintained a solid gold A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau thanks to our focus on honesty, integrity and quality service ahead of profits. Nothing matters more than the satisfaction of our customers.

With extensive experience inspecting thousands of foundation problems, A-Best is the company that property owners can trust. All our repairs and work performed comes with a warranty that lasts for years to come. Before any work is performed, we will provide a detailed estimate to fix any applicable foundation problems, with no pressure or obligation.

All repairs will be overseen by an experienced foreman who will remain on site until the job is done. Our Houston foundation repair work will take into account underlying causes that may affect future performance, such as soil grading, tree roots, drainage concerns, and of course leveling. We offer evening and afternoon appointments for the benefit of our customers. Whether your home needs minor or major repairs to its foundation, A-Best Foundation Repair is the Houston company that you can rely on. Feel free to visit this page if you need foundation repair in Humble, TX.

Ready to have us take a look? We’ll determine what is causing cracks in your foundation, and of course the most suitable remedy to fix it. Call us for your free foundation inspection today.

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