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A foundation gets poured underneath almost every home in San Antonio, Texas. The foundation is a concrete pad that supports the house, no matter what kind of soil or how soft the land is. The ground underneath the foundation, or concrete slab, can weaken with water, weather, and erosion. 

When the dirt or clay starts to shift, the foundation will settle. When our walls start to sink and our floors begin to crack, we need a foundation repair specialist. 

Whether we’re experiencing foundation issues or simply looking for a foundation inspection, A-Best Foundation Repair in San Antonio is just a phone call away. We should never delay any of these crucial repairs

A-Best Foundation Repair can even offer many solutions to help avoid foundation repair costs in the future. Their foundation contractors can advise ways to avoid foundation repairs in the future, like landscaping next to the house and water drainage problems in our yard. 

They can even perform a hydrostatic plumbing test to check for water or drain leaks before completing a foundation repair in San Antonio, Texas.  They are a foundation repair service you can trust and provide all our  San Antonio foundation repair needs.

When Do I Need Foundation Repair In San Antonio, TX?

Our home, or building, sets on an even and smooth concrete pad, also known as the foundation. When the foundation is cracked or damaged in San Antonio, we need to call A-Best Foundation Repair immediately for the best foundation repair in Texas. 

In best-case scenarios, we can see when we need a foundation repair in San Antonio. In other situations, it can be impossible to spot a cracked foundation without a crawl space or basement.

There are multiple signs we can look for to help determine if we have foundation problems such as house leveling. The following are the most common signs of foundation damage and signs we require quality foundation repair in San Antonio.

  • Is the foundation cracking, chipping, or flaking?  When we notice our foundation is cracking, it is the most obvious sign that we need a foundation repair in San Antonio. As we look around the exterior edges and corners of our home, we might notice that the concrete slab near the base of the wall is starting to crack, chip, and flake. We can fix some outside cracks ourselves if they are not too severe.
  • Uneven walls and floors are symptoms of a settling foundation. When the concrete pad underneath our home starts to sag on one side, our walls drop with them. We might notice cracks in the drywall or separation where the wall meets the ceiling.  Uneven floors and cracked tiles are signs we need help with foundation repair in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Sticky doors and jammed windows can be from foundation problems. Our foundation being just slightly uneven can cause our doors to stick. Foundation problems can even affect our cabinets and counters, causing them to separate from the walls.
  • A tilting chimney can be a sign of foundation problems. If there is an issue with the soil, or concrete, at the base of the chimney, it can start leaning. If our tilting chimney is in San Antonio, Texas, we should call A-Best Foundation Repair for a foundation inspection.
  • Standing water or sewage on top of our home’s foundation means moisture is getting through the floor. When water penetrates the concrete pad, it’s usually because of a crack in the foundation. If we notice a slab leak in San Antonio, we must call a foundation repair specialist. They’ll be able to find the cause and repair foundation problems without any issues.  

Another sneaky culprit that causes foundation problems in San Antonio is tree roots. Getting rid of pesky tree roots is another issue that most of us can do on our own. Disposing of tree roots underneath our home can be difficult. 

The reasons that cause most cracked foundations are too awkward and labor intensive to fix ourselves. We will need a professional to repair our foundation problems. The following are the most common reasons for hiring help to repair foundation problems.

  1. Water and moisture will cause soil and dirt to settle and sag in time.
  2. Engineering issues can create structural concerns and drainage issues.
  3. Leaky plumbing or sewer lines can be a problem in our house, even more underneath it.
  4. Tree roots can destroy concrete and force dirt into our foundation, cracking it from the pressure.

Who Do I Call For Quality Foundation Repair In San Antonio?

A-Best Foundation Repair company in San Antonio, Texas, has taken care of its community and the surrounding area for over twenty years. 

Whether we have a typical concrete pad foundation or a pier and beam foundation, A-Best Foundation Repair company in San Antonio has dealt with every foundation problem. Their experts are always ready to care for all our foundation repair needs. 

They look forward to offering advice from a structural engineer to help prevent future problems with our foundation and draining issues.

If we are unsure about the safety of our home because of a poor foundation, the experts at my best foundation repair can help. For all residential foundation repairs in San Antonio, Texas, call A-Best Foundation Repair today.


 Common San Antonio Foundation Repair FAQ’s

How much does foundation repair cost in San Antonio?

The average cost for foundation repair in San Antonio is approximately $4,500. The cost of foundation repair in San Antonio varies based on the cause and home size. Small foundation repairs can cost as low as $500-$1,000 to fix cracks due to minor settling issues. Many San Antonio foundation repairs are charged per pier and done by hydraulic lift. Major foundation repairs can run as high as $20,000 if significant structural damage is present.

How much does it cost to repair a concrete foundation?

The cost to fix a concrete foundation in San Antonio Texas depends upon the type of slab. The average concrete foundation repair cost for homeowners is between $4,300 and $4,500. Repairing small cracks on exterior foundation walls can cost as low as $250 up to $750. When structural repairs are required, concrete foundation repairs are estimated based upon the number of new piers.

How much does it cost to replace your foundation?

Replacing your entire foundation is not usually an option because your home sits on it. The cost to replace your entire foundation would be significant and unfeasible. However, you can repair your foundation in the problem areas for approximately $4,400 for most foundation issues in San Antonio. The average homeowner pays between $1,950 and $6,900, but replacing foundation piers via hydraulic lift can cost as much as $10,000-$20,000 depending on home type. Don’t be afraid of these numbers, get an educated opinion. It might cost less to replace your foundation than you think, and ignoring it will only cost more later.

Are foundation companies licensed in Texas?

As of 2022, foundation companies and repair contractors aren’t required to have a license in Texas. The Texas House of Representatives did introduce a bill 613 to introduce the requirement to license foundation repair companies in Texas, but it did not pass. Be sure to check customer reviews and the BBB before choosing a foundation company in San Antonio, Texas.

Can you live in a house with foundation problems?

You can live in a house with foundation problems, but it’s not advised that you ignore them. Living in a house with foundation problems depends upon nature of the issues. If the house has minor foundation problems, such as small cracks or settling, this shouldn’t pose a health risk. However, major settling can cause structural issues leading to problems like gas leaks and rodent infestation, and should be addressed. Buying a house with foundation problems can be acceptable, but get an inspection before buying to identify the cost of fixing them.

What is the best foundation repair method?

The best foundation repair method will depend upon your issue and property type. Major settling requires a type of pier, and here are the best types:

1. Steel Piers: Give lasting support as a foundation repair method.
2. Concrete / Segmented Piers: The most common repair method, gives soil support.
3. Helical Piers: Steel shaft with round helix plate for varied soil types.
4. Pilings: Similar to piers, best method used when soil lacks support.
5. Polyurethane Foam: Best for sidewalk sagging, not best as foundation repair method.

What are the signs of a bad foundation?

Here are the most common signs of a bad foundation in San Antonio and around the USA:

1. Exterior Foundation Cracks: You see cracks outside stress joints larger than 1/4 inch.
2. Interior Cracks: You find cracks in wall corners, crown molding, or floors.
3. Door Gaps: Exterior or interior doors don’t open and close properly, or show daylight.
4. Windows Sticking: Windows lose alignment, and won’t close properly.
5. Uneven Floors: Floor boards show gaps beyond typical seasonal movement.
6. Foundation Settling and Sinking: You visibly see areas of foundation sinking.
7. Pipe Leaks: You experience a slab leak in your concrete floor that requires repair.
8. Foundation upheaval: Opposite of sagging, your foundation appears raised in areas.
9. Brick Separation: The bricks in your home begin to pull away, revealing gaps and spaces.

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