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Wondering if you should get a hydrostatic plumbing test in Houston, TX? What are the risks of hydrostatic testing risks? What is the average plumbing pressure test cost? These are all valid questions, so let’s clear up some of the mis-information out there. 

What if we told you this simple test could save you THOUSANDS of dollars in repairs down the line? Chances are it would grab your attention. 

There’s no doubt that a hydrostatic plumbing test should be performed after a foundation repair, whether you’re dealing with slab or pier and beam foundations. But what about a plumbing test before foundation repair? This test can illuminate hidden problems within your foundation that can cause severe damage over time – hydrostatic plumbing test failure is a huge red flag. 

So – what is a hydrostatic plumbing test? What’s the big deal? How can it help YOU? We’ve done the hard work for you to get you moving in the right direction.

Hydrostatic Plumbing Test? What on Earth is That?

We thought you’d never ask! 

A hydrostatic plumbing test is a comprehensive test performed by a professional – it’s a highly specific test that is largely used to determine whether or not there may be a leak in the slab under the home, or any underlying issues with a pier and beam foundation. 

The plumbing test before foundation repair is performed by testing the limits of your home sewage and plumbing systems. The technician places these systems under a tremendous amount of outside pressure, which can then inform them as to whether or not there may be a leak present. 

Hydrostatic plumbing tests are the only tests that allow for every single area of the plumbing system to be checked – they’re very detailed and can uncover problems before they ever arise. 

A hydrostatic plumbing test isn’t something you’ll be able to do on your own – You’ll want a recommendation from an experienced company in Houston, TX that can either perform the test for you, or connect you with a local Houston TX foundation repair company who can.

How Does a Hydrostatic Plumbing Test Work?

Great question, so let’s get into the basics. 

Hydrostatic plumbing tests are performed from the outside of your home, and require the technician to have access to your home’s clean-outs. 

What are clean-outs? Have you ever seen that seemingly random pipe sticking up from the ground in your yard? THAT, my friends, is your clean-out. 

One the clean-out has been located, the actual test can begin. 

The testing process consists of the technician dropping an inflatable ball inside the clean-out pipe. The ball is then inflated to the max, completely blocking the line in the process. The goal here is to see whether or not the water level drops and if so, how much.

After blocking the line, a toilet is pulled up inside the house as a slab observation point. From here, water is run from a faucet in the house to fill the entire sewer system up to slab level. Water levels are then monitored for around 20-30 minutes afterwards.  

If the water level doesn’t drop, congratulations – chances are you don’t have a leak! On the other hand, if the technician notices a drop in the water level, it’s probable there’s a leak present – the bigger the drop, the bigger the supposed leak is which may signal foundation problems or the need for leveling

From there, the technician will need to determine where exactly the leak is coming from before tackling the repair. How much? We’ll get to the average plumbing pressure test cost below.

Great – How do I Know if I Need a Hydrostatic Plumbing Test?

Typically, a static test on your plumbing should be performed after you’ve experienced some sort of foundation work, or after purchasing a new home. 

Most contractors will require this test be performed, simply because an underlying leak can cause an unimaginable amount of damage to your foundation – resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs, and countless aggravation! 

Without the test, your foundation repair warranty may be voided, so it’s extremely important (and in most cases, a requirement) to get your static test done on your plumbing in a timely manner. 

How Much Does a Hydrostatic Pressure Test Cost?

Depending on who you choose to complete it, hydrostatic pressure test costs can vary.

One thing that can be said for sure – your plumbing pressure test cost is nothing compared to what your costs could be for larger foundation repairs. Particularly if you’re dealing with a pier and beam repair

Generally, you should be prepared to pay between $250-$500 for the test to be completed, but the best way to calculate costs is by getting in touch with an experienced company in the Houston, TX area. 

Can Hydrostatic Testing Cause Damage?

The short answer? Nope. In addition to being incredibly useful, this is one of the safest tests you can perform on your home.

In fact, hydrostatic plumbing tests have been used since the 1970’s. The test is one of the most reliable and effective ways in determining whether or not you’ve got a foundation leak. 

Additionally, the test is required in most cities. It’s a surefire way for both new and existing homeowners to uncover a small problem before it becomes a much bigger issue. In fact, if you recently purchased the home you might consider having one conducted along with other plumbing maintenance items. 

What Happens in the Case of Hydrostatic Plumbing Test Failure?

If your home has failed the test, and subsequently perhaps an inspection, you’ll need to get the problem remedied in a timely manner. Leaks only get worse over time, so the quicker the problem is addressed, the better chance you have at mitigating the damage. 

Your best bet is to confer with an experienced company in Houston, TX that has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hydrostatic plumbing test and the remedies and repairs that go along with them.

Catching a leak early is the only way to prevent thousands of dollars in costly foundation repair, so don’t delay! Getting a plumbing test before foundation repair is well worth it. 

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