Picture this…It is a beautiful day in Houston, and you decide to open your windows and let in some of that fresh air. But wait a minute, your windows won’t budge! After a struggle, you finally pop one open, but something isn’t right! What is going on? Do Sticking Windows and Doors Mean Foundation Problems?

Possible Causes/Reasons of Windows that Stick

There can be several reasons why windows (and doors) stick or don’t want to close properly. For doors, the answer could be as simple as high humidity, which can cause the doorframe to swell up and not function properly. Or, if your door is a wooden door, maybe moisture and sun exposure is leading to warping. Perhaps the hinges and hardware are old and need replacing.  Or, if the door slab is brand new, maybe it was installed improperly, or is simply too large for its frame. Maybe a light sanding is all that is required to solve the problem.

Similarly, wood windows often stick due to humidity, where swelling or warping of the frames can cause problems in normal operation. Maybe when the humidity calms down, everything will be okay!

Sticking Windows and Doors Can Mean Foundation Problems


However, if your windows and doors continue to stick after the humidity drops and you have fixed any mechanical issues, the malfunctioning may be due to foundation issues in your home. But how can you know for sure? In addition to seeing signs like cracks on your home’s exterior, below are several inside indicators that may reveal foundation problems.

Common Indicators of a Foundation Problem

  • Sticking doors and windows – If humidity is not to blame, a foundation issue causes the same problems as mentioned above. It all has to do with how much your house is settling. When the slab your home was built on settles into the soil, it can shift up or down and move around a bit, causing window and door frames to bend and become uneven, which can lead to sticking.
  • Window & door frames gaps– Similarly, cracks and separations around frames are a result of a shifting foundation.
  • Wall cracks– This same settling will put stress on the framing of your home, leading to wall damage.
  • Buckling or sloping floors – Since your flooring lays on your foundation, buckling or uneven flooring is another indicator.
  • Garage Door: If your garage door has a difficult time closing, seems crooked on the track, or allows for at least a 2 inch space when fully extended when meeting the garage floor, you should take note. You may need a garage door repair service in addition to foundation repairs.

These issues are not necessarily direct indicators of foundation failure. All homes settle over time-especially in the Houston area, where much of the soil has a high clay content, which can expand and contract drastically with changes in moisture levels. This is the same thing that can lead to slab leak repairs, as noted by these Pittsburgh plumbers. The question is, how much settling is taking place? If it is too much, it may lead to other problems that need to be addressed before they get worse.

What should I do if my windows and doors are sticking in the Houston area?

The best way to know for sure what is going on with your home is to let the experts at A Best Foundation Repair come out and perform a foundation inspection on your Houston property. They will accurately assess your situation and can recommend proper repairs. After all, you don’t want to replace your door frames, only to find out that the real problem is a foundation issue. Call today to schedule an appointment! 713-714-5656