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At A-Best, we’re much more than just a foundation company.

Our reputation as family-owned and operated business is something we take pride in. We are a small company but we can offer what any large company can provide at a more personable level – each customer is like family! 

Our team is certified and experienced in the entire home-remodeling/repair process, and we’re here to help you get your home looking its best! 

Home renovations and repairs usually start from the top down – and we’re the experts when it comes to torch down roofing as well as shingle roofs. Got some clogged gutters? Or brand new ones that need to be installed? We’ve got you covered!

New Shingle Roofing in Houston

Shingle roofs are probably the most common types of roof installations you’ll come across. Of course, we’re highly trained with over 20 years of experience behind us when it comes to installing these types of roofs. 

Why are shingle roofs so popular? Low cost combined with high-durability means shingles have withstood the test of time – your grandparents and their grandparents probably had this type of roofing, and it’s just as effective for you today! 

There’s a bunch of key benefits for customers looking to shingle their roofs:

  • Ease of Installation – Shingle roofing is a process that our team can complete quickly and efficiently. Because the cutting, fitting, and fastening process is quicker compared to other types of roofing, shingle installs are cost-effective
  • Sturdy and ReliableShingles have been around forever for good reason – a typical shingle roof should last a customer between 25-30 years! 
  • Low MaintenanceThere isn’t much to be done with shingle roofing once it’s installed, especially when the initial installation is done correctly. Keep your roof clean of debris and you should have minimal problems 
  • Versatile StyleThere are hundreds of different colors, styles, textures, etc. to choose from when it comes to your shingle roofing – enough choices for any kind of home! 

Whatever your reason might be for deciding on shingle roofing, our expert technicians can make your perfect vision come to life! 

Torch Down Roofing

Also referred to as “blown” roofing, torch down roofing involves using a blowtorch to achieve an air-tight seal on the roof itself. This results in a melted membrane below the roof surface that serves as a highly effective barrier to water, ice, and snow. This type of roofing is ideal for low-slope roofs.

While torch down roofing is newer and totally different than shingle roofing, it still comes with a host of benefits for the homeowner:

  • Leak Resistant – The melted membrane produced by the torch results in a nearly impenetrable seal on the roof 
  • UV Protection and Heat ManagementThe airtight seal provided by the membrane in this type of roofing process, combined with the density of the material, actually reflects UV rays. This provides excellent insulation for the home, and keeps things comfortable 
  • Fire Resistance – The additional density of torch down roofs go a long way towards preventing a fire hazard
  • No FumesWe’re familiar with that tar smell that comes along with an asphalt roof. Gross! With torch down roofing, these odors are mitigated so you can enjoy your new roof without the noxious fumes.

Torch down roofing is an affordable and effective alternative for anyone looking to re-do their roof – call us today for more information! 

Gutter Installation & Cleaning in Houston

Our team also has over 20 years of experience and knowledge when it comes to gutter maintenance, cleaning, and installations.

Gutters are one of the most neglected parts of the home, but doing so can cause a wave of problems and, more importantly, money spent. 

Clogged gutters and downspouts result in overflow, which causes damage to your roof, siding, interior walls, and even your basement! 

Our team uses only the highest quality products and technology to effectively and quickly clear out problem gutters, saving you time, money, and aggravation in the process! 

And if you need a whole new set of gutters entirely? We’ve got you covered. Don’t try and take on this time-consuming task by yourself! A-Best provides a comprehensive installation process – we do the hard work so you don’t have to!