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Have you been noticing those unsightly drywall cracks around your home?

Have you tried to patch them yourselves, but are left with a sloppy mess that’s worse than when you started?

Did you know that these drywall cracks could be more than just an annoying repair – they could be a sign that your foundation is settling and you need to take action FAST! 

At A-Best, not only can we assess and repair your foundation issues, we can help with drywall too. 

What to Look for

Drywall cracks usually present themselves pretty easily – that spider-like vein that runs the length of your wall, driving you absolutely crazy in the process. Around the crack, you might be noticing the paint starting to peel, or just completely falling off. 

Of course, in some cases these cracks can simply be the result of a poor patch job that was done, or as a result of excess moisture that might be building up behind the wall. 

However, there’s also the chance that your drywall cracks are being caused by something far bigger – foundation settlement.

If you suspect this may be the case, or if you want to try and rule out foundation settlement as a potential cause, there are a few key things to look for regarding your crack. 

Drywall Warning Signs 

If your drywall crack shows any combination of these factors, your next step should be to consult with a professional regarding the steps you can take to tackle your foundation issues before they become a real problem:

Cracks Around Windows and Doors – Drywall cracks that show up around your windows and doors, regardless of what floor they’re on, are a tell-tale sign that something is amiss with your foundation. The best way to confirm this, aside from the eye-test, is to place a level on top of any window frame with a crack around it. If it’s unlevel, this is a sign of foundation settlement. 

Repeat Repairs to the Same Crack – If you’ve tried to patch up the same crack multiple times and it keeps coming apart, it’s more than likely you’ve got a foundation issue rather than your home improvement skills not being up to par. This is another sign the foundation may be settling or shifting. 

Nail Pops – Nail pops are just as unsightly and annoying as the crack itself, but might be a little bit more evident to your eye. Nail pops occur when drywall shifts, causing the drywall mud that previous covered the screw or nail to pop off. The more nail pops you see, the more likely it is that you need foundation repair. 

What A-Best can do for YOU! 

At A-Best, we can do more than just foundation repair. From new flooring to new showers, home remodels and everything in between – our team of experts is ready to tackle any sort of home repair. 

When it comes to drywall, we’re the specialists you should call for any situation. We can patch up any sort of drywall problem, and you can rest easy knowing it’s done right the first time. 

Our Process

The first step for A-Best when diving into drywall repair is to install a moisture detector in the wall. This lets us know whether or not there’s any moisture on the studs, which will allow us to put the sheetrock and insulation back into place. 

If there’s no moisture present, our team can perform a “hot patch” on the drywall – a quick, easy, and efficient solution to repair the crack. 

If our team finds either moisture or mold present, we take the necessary steps to ensure the entire area is dried out before we attempt to reinstall the drywall and insulation. Our team of experts treats the wood inside the wall with top technology, allowing it to completely dry out before beginning the repair. 

If we determine the crack is a result of foundation settlement or other foundation issues, we are fully trained and equipped to assess the problem and provide cost-effective recommendations and repairs for the customer. 

Our team is ready to go to work for YOU. If you suspect you have foundation problems, or if you’re just tired of looking at those ugly cracks in your home, call us today!